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Find a safe place to park during the covid pandemic.

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Right now this directory is empty, because we need help from HOSTS LIKE YOU to add your land/campgrounds/parking spots.

There are over 1 million full-time RVers in the US. No, these are not people forced into homelessness – these are people who chose a life of adventure and freedom on the road. These are electrical engineers, project managers, digital marketers, pharmaceutical consultants, remote therapists, and more.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many campgrounds and public land areas that these full-time RVers rely on are being closed. Suddenly, many of us have no safe places to land and self-isolate safely.

This directory was created to fill that need. There is a “displaced nomads” Facebook group that popped up and now has 3,000 members in it, many seeking somewhere to safely shelter in place in their RV. While this is a great idea, the problem is it’s not searchable and therefore not very efficient. This directory was created to hopefully solve that problem!


If you have land, you can help.

Most of us are very self-sufficient, boondocking most of the time (boondocking means dry camping on public lands without hookups), so if you have property we can park on, we won’t need much of you. We are used to relying on solar power for electricity, and only needing access to water and a dump every few days.¬†

If you have a safe space for full-time RVers and vanlifers to land, please add it to our directory!

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This site was created in a day with love by Hannah, @the.curly.nomad

If you see any errors (there WILL be errors) or you have any suggestions, please contact me via Instagram message.

FAQ: Why not use existing resources?

So far I have seen a spreadsheet and a Facebook group for this purpose. So why not use those?


The spreadsheet is a really great, quick idea to get started. However,

-hosts can’t edit, update, or remove their info once it’s added.

-host information has to be public in order for people to be able to contact them, which isn’t ideal.

-there are no filtering capabilites with a basic spreadsheet. So for someone like me, traveling with another person in their own rig, it took me an hour to go through the existing spreadsheet list to see if there was an available space for our 2 large RVs and 3 dogs. The RV community needs filtering capabilities because we have a wide range of unique factors like rig sizes, pets, and locations.


This is another great resource! However, it has many of the same issues of the spreadsheet, combined with Facebook’s search function which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of finding the posts you’re looking for and seeing things in order.


Yes, there are other fantastic databases like Boondockers Welcome and HipCamp! But…

A) because of COVID, many places that were previously open for general camping have changed their rules or been closed

B) many hosts that might have been open to regular camping might not have space or be willing to host at this time, and

C) hosts who might not usually want boondockers, for example people who have land for sale or who are willing to open their acreage in times like these temporarily, but wouldn’t normally want campers, may want a more specific directory to list on.

So right now this directory is specifically for pandeming-related hosting.